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Affiliate Marketing Ideas

Everyone have stuff that interest them the most, but it is hard to narrow your interest down to one or two things that interest you the most. Here is a list of categories:

AutoAuto –  Accessories, Cars, Rentals

Business & Career –  B-to-B, Employment, Real Estate

Clothing & Accessories –  Accessories, Children, Jewelry, Men, Women

Computer & Electronics – Consumer, Hardware, Software

Department Store –  Clothing, Gifts, Home, Jewelry

Entertainment –  Books/Magazines, Music, Videos

Family-  Baby, Education, Entertainment, Pets

Financial Services –  Banking/Trading, Credit Cards, Loans

Food & Drink – Candy, Cigars, Gourmet, Wine

Games & Toys – Children, Educational, Electronic

Gift & Flowers – Flowers, Gifts, Greeting Cards

Health & Beauty –  Bath/Body, Cosmetics, Medical Supplies & Services, Prescription, Vitamins

Hobbies & Collectibles – Art, Auctions, Collectibles, Bed/Bath

Home & Living – Bed/Bath, Garden, Improvement, Kitchen

Internet & Online –  Development, Hosting, Online Dating, Programs, Services

Mature/Adult – Apparel, Books, Entertainment

Miscellaneous – Other, Other Products/Services

Office – Equipment, Home Office, Supplies

Sports & Fitness – Clothing, Collectibles, Equipment, Bed/Bath

Telecommunications – Equipment, Long Distance, Wireless

Travel – Airline, Car, Hotel, Vacations

Don’t spend money on services you don’t understand

There are a lot of websites out here that claim you can make a lot of money if you pay them to set it up. That may be true, but you have to pay someone to set it up for you, and think about it, if something go wrong you have to pay to fix it and you still don’t understand what went wrong. You also risk losing money and never making a dime.

 The best way to work from home is to learn as much as you can on your own.  I did a lot of reading and you tube videos on dropshipping and affiliate marketing.  People are charging for information that you won’t have any success with if you don’t understand the system.  I started 2 years ago and didn’t make any money until I did my own research on how to run my own website.   My best advice is to learn how to build your own website, that way you can learn at your own pace what will and won’t work for you.


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You can work from home and earn money, but you have to have the patience to learn.  There are some things that money can’t buy. Your success is one of them. People will tell you that they started a business and started earning money right away. The real question is how long have that person been trying to start this business, how many times have they failed in the past, how much money did they spend to get this business started and most important question, do they honestly understand how the system work.  People can make their success sound so easy but won’t talk about their failures.

WordPress offer free websites, but the URL will have WordPress in it.  If you’re selling online it will look a little unprofessional ” That’s just my opinion”. It will take the same amount of time to use web-hosting and set up a self-hosted WordPress site.  You can do more with a self-hosted website also.  A self-hosted WordPress site will offer more plugins and themes.

Use a Web-hosting service in the beginning and this will save you a lot of time in the future. You will only have to do the work one time opposed to using a company domain then switching it over to your domain months later.  Once again you can pay someone to do this, but it very simple to do yourself!!!



It took me almost a year to learn everything I know about creating my own website. This is not something that will happen quick unless you have the right guidance. I know there will be some stuff that you don’t have time to figure out because you want to get your business up and running as quick as possible. I came across Fiverr, which is a website that you can pay people to do minor work for your new website.

Be careful, do not spend money on anything that you don’t understand or you may end up spending unnecessary money. Fiverr offer services that will have build your website, SEO services, Logos and more. Those are all services that will be very helpful for people that understand the importance of the appearance of their website, the importance of SEO, and the importance of having a company logo. Prices for these services start at $5

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