Domains and Web-Hosting


Your Domain is what make your website more personal to you and the services you offer.  You can create a website without a domain but it will have the company name in the URL and you don’t wanna spend too much time working hard under another company name. I was able to start my website using my domain for less than $15 for the entire year.  You can create a self-hosted WordPress website, online store, and just about anything else you can make money from.

1&1 Hosting

I paid less than $15 for the entire year. One domain was included in this price, and 100 subdomains included.  I don’t have any monthly fees because I paid for the one year of service. It also come with unlimited web space. They also offer an online store that they will set up for you. I can say a lot of nice things about this company. No problems so far.  After my first year I will have to pay a lost cost of $7.99 per month



  • This was the second company I tried when I was looking for a webhost. They have low monthly fees also. When I tried them they had a 1 week trial period. Doing that week I realized they was a little too advanced for what I was looking for. They offered services I had never heard of and I didn’t understand it.   I already knew the basics of running a home-based business. I didn’t have enough time (doing the 7 day trial)  to learn something new. I did’t want to spend money on something I didn’t understand!!!


Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact


  • Godaddy- I have never tried them but I have heard some good things about this webhosting company. If I ever need to find a new host, they would be my next choice. In the future I plan on trying out this company just to see how it work.




  • eHost –  This was the first webhosting company I used. Everything was quick and easy to set up just like the webhost company I’m now using. I only ran into one issue with this company which was they stop accepting my credit card that I was paying with. They also offer low cost monthly fees.  I have no other issues with this company.

Once you have an idea of what you want to promote, use your idea and create a domain for your new website – You can do this at a very low start-up cost. There are a lot of webhosting services. I have tried several webhosting companies and I will give some of the other ones that I have not tried also.  When looking for a webhost the average person will chose one that is low cost, have low monthly fees, cheap domains, unlimited webspace and things like that.

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