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How to Improve Your Customer Service in Real-Time

Between apps, social media profiles and websites, consumers today have high expectations for customer service. You’ll often hear of customers choosing a business over another because they have an easy to navigate web presence, they are easily found online, or simply because the website is aesthetically pleasing. But another aspect they’ll consider? Real-time customer service, whether it’s through easy online scheduling or a live chat with a representative.

But dedicating time and resources for real-time service isn’t as exhaustive as you may think. Check out our tips for improving your online customer service below.

Automated Booking

Does your business include appointment scheduling? Nowadays, one of the easiest ways to improve customer service is to simply not make them talk to you. In addition to giving customers the flexibility to schedule appointments, using a booking app (such as bookedIn or Checkfront) eliminates the need for paperwork and can help streamline payment.

Live Chat

LiveChat is an embedded live chat solution which allows you and your team to connect to the people visiting your website in real time. By integrating the LiveChat Web App you can give yourself and your customers the ability to communicate back and forth via a chat function.

In addition to the LiveChat app, businesses can incorporate an additional level of customer support via their Facebook Business Page—this is especially helpful if you already have a solid customer base on the platform, since you’ll be able to reach out or respond to customers via Facebook Messenger.


Last but not least, providing customers with a list of frequently asked questions on your website will help answer questions before they need to be asked. Consider placing your FAQ where it can be easily found, such as in the navigation bar or on your contact page.

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