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Step by Step guide for Affiliate Marketing

This list will provide a basic guide to getting started.  This is very easy but you have to take the time to understand how Affiliate Marketing work. The menu above will explain each step more in detail.

Step 1 – Educate yourself

Step 2 – Write a list of ideas that interest you the most

Step 3 – Create a website using your personal domain

Step  4- Sign up for a  Affiliate Marketing Company

Step 5- Fill your new website with information and ads that you will receive from the company you chose to promote for.

You can connect your business website to social media so that people will start to see what you have to offer for free.

If you add the right content and promote it to the correct audience people will start to purchase or  sign up for your offers.

Add your new website to all search engine consoles

  • Google Webmasters
  • Bing Webmasters


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