Traffic for your website

The hardest part with Affiliate Marketing is learning how to target the right audience.  ( Don’t pay someone to set up something that you can learn in a few days with the right information)

—— Your audience will be based of whatever services you promote. You can promote just about anything on social media for free.

Facebook – You can connect multiple pages to your personal facebook account and ask people to share your page. You can also do a facebook search for your niche. Join different groups with people that are looking for the services you are promoting.  At this point all you need to do is post your affiliate link in those groups and on your page. You will eventually start seeing people buy or sign up for what you are promoting.


Facebook also offer paid advertising which will automatically share your links with people looking for the product or service that you are promoting. You can do this for less than $10 per week.  Be very careful, please do some research on which audience you need to target. If not you will waste money using paid advertising.   My experience has shown me that Facebook ads is the cheapest way of getting traffic to your website.

Other Social Media sites include: Pinterest, Twitter, Blogger, Google+, plus more

Another way to drive traffic to your site is through Search Engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Google Adwords is strict on promoting affiliate links without content. You will probaly need some experience in creating landing pages if you use Google Adwords. Its not hard once you know how to do it.